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2023-2024 School Improvement Team

2023-24 SIT Members

Jeff Mayo, Principal (Term 2023-2024)

Philllip Little, Assistant Principal (Term 2023-2024)       

Tara Hoyle, SIT Chair 6th Grade Rep  (Term 2023-2024)  

Josh Millsaps, 7th Grade Rep (Term 2023-2025) 

Michelle Sims, 8th Grade Rep (Term 2023-2025)

David Brotherton, Elective Rep (Term 2023-2025)

Mandy Ogborn, Financial Rep (Term 2023-2025)

Stephanie Wilson, Classified Rep (Term 2024)

Cheryl Hart, Academic Intervention Rep (Term 2024)

Misty Key, AIG Rep (Term 2024)

Currently Open, Parent Rep (Term 2025)

On Purpose with Purpose written over the bee mascot